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My mother mistakenly believes that my fashion style breaks the norm of society. The underlined word has the CLOSEST meaning lớn

Talented students with a disability should be helped khổng lồ become independent, integrate____________ the society & achieve success at school.

―As far as I know, doing charity work is a really helpful thing for everyone in the society." ―____________

Nam is considered to be the best student in our class because he"s not only good at learning but also wellinformed about everything around the world. The underlined word has the OPPOSITE meaning to

Find and correct ONE mistake in each sentence below.

His decision leaves home and live independently of his parents made us feel




In over ten years, he ____________ more than 100 bicycles to lớn the needy students in Central Viet Nam.

You shouldn’t have argued with Linh lượt thích that because she is a trustworthy friend & I think you should be ____________ her by talking with her openly và being apologetic.

Read the passage và choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

We find many people who have achieved extraordinary successes in their life and follow them as our inspiration. But he’s an exception. He is Nicholas James Vujicic, a motivational speaker from Australia, who can better be introduced as a half human being, accepting challenges of life with a great smile. Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1982. He was born without fully formed limbs. Throughout his childhood, Nick not only dealt with the typical challenges of school and adolescence, but he also struggled with depression và loneliness. According to lớn Nick, the victory over his struggles, as well as his strength và passion for life today, can be credited to his faith in God. His family, friends & the many people he has encountered along the journey have inspired him to carry on, as well. During his stay in Vietnam, from May 22-25, 2013, Nick Vujicic had talks with 4,000 business people with the message ―Never give up‖ at the white Palace Conference Centre in Ho đưa ra Minh City, spoke to 25,000 students from universities in Hanoi at My Dinh National Stadium under the theme ―Never give up desire‖ & 5,500 disadvantaged children at quan tiền Ngua thể thao Palace. Also, he autographed a ball & kicked the ball to lớn start the football tournament of disadvantaged children at Military Zone 7 Sporting Hall & talked with 4,000 children at Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho đưa ra Minh City. With lively stories about his long journey to lớn struggle mentally, emotionally and physically khổng lồ have a normal life like other people, Nick Vujicic has convinced thousands of Vietnamese through not only his books but also his motivational talks to those who participated in his activities in Vietnam. In the program ―Hello Vietnam‖, Ms. Bich Lan, who has translated the books ―Life without Limits‖ and ―Unstoppable‖ by Nick Vujicic into Vietnamese, said with emotion: ―Nick Vujicic is a shining star in the dark night & is the symbol of a soul with a strongly spreading vitality và continuous enthusiasm reaching a level of unlimited will, love without borders, dedication và boundless happiness.‖

What does Vujicic suffer from?

Better understanding of disabilities will help non-disabled people avoid treating people with physical and mental impairments (RESPECTFUL).

Nicole ____________tired from the hours of overtime at work, và it became quite obvious that she needed a long vacation.

Many disabled people still face discrimination và limited access with education,


employment và health care.

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My teacher is able to lớn make complicated things easy to understand. (Use “ability to”)

"Empowering underprivileged youth khổng lồ be the best they can be through health and sport"

Pacific Islands are trang chủ to some of the most beautiful & generous people who pride themselves on culture và family. The youth of these islands are often underprivileged & left without the bare necessities lớn strengthen their athletic talents, lớn enhance their future và bring unity. Both founders Eddie Aholelei và Lachlan Mc
Caffrey have a strong passion for youth work, coaching và mentoring.

Read more & see how you can help!






Young Harry & boys From year 5 Canberra Grammar School kindly collecting/donating boxes of boots which will be shipped khổng lồ Tonga on our next trip! Youth are our future!!

Donate + Help

Options to lớn donate or help (2023 Trip khổng lồ Tonga):

Any collection of sports equipment (rugby) including boots, jerseys, training clothes, thể hình equipment will be shipped lớn Tonga & provided khổng lồ schools & rugby clubs (YIU can collect from schools & clubs)

Become a sponsor by joining us on the trip and help run coaching clinics & donating gifts

Become a financial sponsor lớn help us with the costs of the; shipment Aus -> Tonga $5000 , Flights and boat trip to smaller islands $1000, Accomodation $500 , costs on the Island $250

We would love lớn hear from you if any of these options are of interest to lớn you, you will be making a huge difference in the lives of so many young kids! Get in touch below!

Thousands of young lives have been greatly supported by Youth in Union sponsors & donators; we would like to thank the special people below who make this possible.


Royce Kupsch và his team at CFMEU Qld/NT donations & financial tư vấn for our shipping container costs khổng lồ Tonga

Storage KIng

Michael Tate và his team at Storage King Lane Cove supply essential storage space for collections và donations until shipments are ready to lớn be sent khổng lồ Tonga.

RUGBY Community

Youth in Union kindly thanks the incredible generosity and tư vấn from various players and teams around the world;

Businesses; Macquarie Sports, CFMEU, Storage King, Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers, Wahlstrom Financial Services, Bendigo ngân hàng Freshwater, Budgy Smugglers, Gullivers Sports Travel, Mizuno, RAR Cranes Group, Running Bare, Asics

Rugby Clubs & Schools tư vấn - ACT Brumbies, Kubota Spears, Rugby Palooza & IRAA, Manly Marlins,Wagga Rugby Club, Gungahlin Rugby Club, St Ignatius College, The Kings College, Waverley College, Canberra Grammar School

Founder Eddie Aholelei receiving the RUPA award for Service to the Community alongside Australian Wallabies captain Michael Hooper

C0-Founder Lachlan Mccaffrey in the Storage King storage units that keep sports equipment & clothing safe until we ship khổng lồ Tonga

liên hệ Us

Youth In Union can be contacted through its founders or the email below.

Eddie Aholelei Austin Morris

Ph: +61 424 976 872 +61 428 644 007

Lachlan Mc

Ph: +61 405 065 106

Eddie aholelei

Eddie Aholelei is of Tongan descent. He grew up in Tonga most of his life with his parents and four brothers & represented Tonga in both age group & opens cấp độ on the world stage.

Aholelei moved lớn Sydney,Australia after high school và joined the Manly Marlins rugby club in 2001.Aholelei joined the Melbourne Rebels extended playing squad in 2011.On 14 July 2014, Aholelei made his move khổng lồ England to lớn join London Welsh who compete in the Aviva Premiership from the 2014-15 season.In July 2016, he moved to the Romanian Superliga champions Timisoara
Saracens.He also helped the club lớn win the Supa liga Champion for the second time in a row.

In năm ngoái he registered the charity “Youth in Union” (Non profit Organisation) lớn help youth through sports in his trang chủ country Tonga.

lachlan mccaffrey

Lachlan Mc
Caffrey spent fifteen years playing Professional Rugby around the world. He has transitioned into the coaching world with his 1st Grade Head Coach role at Gungahlin Eagles in Canberra. He is also working as a leadership consultant with EY và completing his Masters in Financial Planning.

Caffrey has always been involved in charities since his experience volunteering at the Matthew Talbot Hostel & the Starlight Express Rooms. He is currently an ambassador with the Fly Program. After playing with Eddie Aholelei in 2014 he has helped create Youth in Union into a thriving charity helping thousands of young Tongan kids annually, và manages the annual charity coaching trip to Tonga.

Tongan smiles help prepare Brumbies Mc
Caffrey for injury comeback

"Lachlan Mc
Caffrey hopes to lớn be ready lớn make his Super Rugby comeback as early as next week despite fearing his season was over when he looked down and saw his dislocated elbow.But the ACT Brumbies flanker has put his recovery plans on the backburner khổng lồ help inspire a generation of Tongan juniors on a soul-enriching trip lớn the island nation..."

Helping Tongan kids smile through Youth in Union

"Youth in Union is a not for profit organisation with an aim to develop the talents of the youth & the underprivileged through sports & education lớn enhance their future & eliminate prejudices..."


Bond University Eddie Aholelei making a difference

"Between being the veteran of a young Bond University team finding its way..."


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